Historical Resources

Enhanching our services with past data

Historical Resources & Survey Records

A library in our Bloomington office houses the historical records, books, and photographs accumulated by Sunde Land Surveying during its nearly 40 years in business, as well as those of other surveyors whose records we have acquired. Sunde Land Surveying’s purchase of the notes of several of the area’s land surveyors provides us with important historical information for determining boundaries in some of the most challenging areas in the Twin Cities. Notes in our archives date back to the 1860s and include John B. Irvine’s original survey notes of the City of St. Paul. Surveyor’s notes in our archives include:

  • Arleigh Smith
  • Boklep Associates
  • Carley-Torgersen, Inc.
  • Cartwright & Olson
  • C.F. Sandhoff
  • Comstock & Davis
  • Donald O. Weber
  • Engineering Service Company
  • Georgi-Schmidt
  • James Nelson
  • J.E. Hill
  • John B. Irvine
  • Knute Anker
  • L.B. Bjostad
  • Leroy Winner
  • Martinez Corporation
  • Metropolitan Land Surveyors
  • Midwest Land Surveying and Civil Engineers, Inc.
  • Milner W. Carley
  • Minnesota Valley Surveyors & Engineers
  • North American Surveys
  • P.E. Highum
  • Peters, Price & Samson
  • Thomas Welch
  • W. G. Ramlow